Introduction HR Marketing and Recruiting


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HR Marketing
HR Marketing includes activities that attract active and passive candidates who exhibit the company’s desired skills and behaviors.

HR Marketing should be based on a clearly defined and well communicated Employer Value Proposition (EVP) which is a set of positioning statements outlining why the company is an attractive employer.

Recruiting activities are geared towards hiring people who are interested in the company and who have the skills and behaviors needed to successfully perform their role.
The recruiting process is comprised of sourcing the candidate, pre-assessment, final selection, job offer and contracting. While HR activities are usually internally focused,  “HR Marketing and Recruiting” clearly has an external focus. The way the company presents itself as an employer through its HR Marketing has a major impact on the overall company image. Recruiting has an impact on the company’s reputation:
– Job postings indicate growth and optimism regarding the future
– The level of respect and courtesy the company expresses to people who applied but were not selected reveals the real values of the company and its culture
– Job applicants share their experiences of the selection process via social media – the good and the bad
– Candidates may be a company’s current or future customers.

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